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Grenada construction companies and service providers are just a click away, find everything you need from real estate property development, construction projects management, building new houses or home improvement projects in compliance with the Grenada building code. We have selected a list of experience construction firms on the island to start and complete your project successful. Whether you are planning to build a new house, home extension, kitchen remodeling and looking for a local builder, electrician, engineer, architect and trucking building materials, this house magazine is essential reading. From the basics of how you choose a building contractor to achieving a sensational style for your home.

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Inspiration for your home

Spice Up Your Kitchen Cabinets!

When ever people think about the cabinetry for their new kitchen, what they’re really focusing on and obsessed over is the door style; it can be contemporary or traditional and perhaps a combination in between, there is a kaleidoscope of choices, but the first step in the

process is deciding on your price range and cabinet grade.

The more you know about your house design the better your lighting will be

A good lighting scheme is essential for your new or existing home. Your scheme could make

or break the way your home works for you, so it pays to plan it properly.


If you are bored of ordinary bedroom furniture, or if you are not able to find one that matches the room of your dreams and style, custom bedroom furniture can definitely make your dreams come true. Custom bedroom furniture is made on request to suit the specific needs of customers. The best thing about bedroom custom furniture is that, you can choose the material, design and style according to your liking.

Building Materials

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

The roof on your house can represent somewhere between a quarter and in many instances half the visual area of your home according to most construction designers. Therefore visual appeal is one good reason for giving the roof special attention, roofs are designed to do rather more than keep out rain and other weather elements.


Concrete split and decorative blocks - 4"  6"  8"  10"  12"